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เว็บ บอล แจก เครดิต ฟรี


It breaks our hearts to come to this decision but keeping you and your families safe during a global pandemic is at the forefront of our thoughts. The coming months are simply too uncertain to go ahead with planning an event.


Our hope is that the world and our province will have a better handle on Covid-19 in 2021 so we can consider bringing back our beloved little market to the community once again.


We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused the makers that make up the heart of Flock and Gather Winter Wonders. Continue creating, making and sharing your art with the world!


We wish everyone the best,

Carole, Maki, Mike, Ricki and Dean



Thank you to our vendors, volunteers, customers, supporters, and everyone that made this year's market a huge success! See you next year!




Back in 2010 some friends got together and decided to put together a new type of craft market for the Saskatchewan community. Over the years some of the members of the collective have come and gone (and come back again). We've hosted bi-annual handmade markets, offered workshops, craft nights, professional development opportunities, and the cutest Itty Bitty kids Craft Sale.


While we are committed to growth and change - because who doesn't want to keep things exciting and new - the main thing we haven't changed is our passion and commitment over the years to bring together amazing makers and their products to the Saskatoon community.


Have a peek around the site and find out more about us, follow us on instagram for the most up to date info and please get in touch with your questions! We'd love to hear from you!




Ricki, Maki, Carole, Dean, Mike, and Erin

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